Marshes 4 (2)

POETRY LEFT ME the day that he hurt me,

Just went. Quit. Didn’t write a note.

Kindness turned its face away, and

Simple words went too, for a while, leaving it

Impossible to describe who I had become.

I was then soundless, all the noise had gone

Which was good, in a way, but lonely too,

My mouth opening and closing for nothing and no-one.

Wordless, speechless, laughter gone, dried of all my tears.

It took a while, I remember, ages actually

And when some of the words came back

They limped about in no coherent order

Aimless and formless, not knowing

How to help me say my name.

I tried not to mind that they were few and

Those precious words I had, I used like Lego,

Brick on brick on word on word,

Plain forms, building a new language

To talk about the world, rewrite myself and

Spell out a bright new resonant name.

It is taking time, days, years, weeks, hours

But I have a little tower, now, of words, quite small

But strong. And with room for me to speak and friends to speak,

And shelter for all those who love me whom I love

And all their words and mine, and there is noise –

No, it is sound and light, and warmth and breath

And heartbeats and time, and kindness and air

And it is mine but I let you in. Welcome!

In these sounding chambers we can speak or sing

Or shout and weep. Or indeed be silent, if that is what we choose.





Published by

Suzy Robinson

Singer, writer, mother, corgi enthusiast

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